Radical Islamists and (current) right-wing radicals share at least one thing in common. Their collective worst nightmare is unity between Muslims and non-Muslims. Their greatest victory is to deepen the divide they have created. The ideologists and followers on both sides strive towards escalation. They achieve this by polarising people, hoping to broaden the gap. This is why, for instance, people who have developed a hatred for Islam and Muslims will never mention that Muslims, too, contribute to our collective security and welfare state. They will also neglect to mention that Muslims are the greatest victims of Islamist terrorism. Likewise, radical ideologists, who misappropriate Islam to achieve their political goals, will not admit to the fantastic elements in Western civilization. What is more, they will blame the West even for a donkey that stumbles in the desert. Watch out for such people on either side. You may even find members of our parliament amongst them. Each and every one of us carries the responsibility to recognize who these instigators are, and to distance ourselves from them.